• Raylan13

    This ongoing monthly series highlights some of the activities within and around our massive set of fan-driven and -nurtured movie communities. While not an exhaustive review by any stretch, we'll be showcasing some of the wikias that have appeared in the news, anniversaries, rankings, and the rollout of some of our individual site apps.

    The following sites were mentioned in the news 'round the web-o-sphere, either in passing, or as source material:

    • Disney: Seventeen Snow White Wasn't the First Disney Princess And Your Entire Life Is A Lie
    • Marvel Cinematic Universe: Moviepilot 5 Major Questions We Still Have About Captain America: Civil War'
    • Marvel Comics Database: Inquisitr "Thor: Ragnarok": Asgardian Warrior Heimdall to Have Something Big Going O…

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